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Worker dies in accident at the factory of General Motors

General Motors Plant
A General Motors worker died on Saturday, 24 victim of an accident in the factory in Sao Jose dos Campos - Brazil. It was pressed to be achieved by a tool 24 tons. This is the second fatal accident at the factory in just three years.

Teodoro Antonio Pereira Filho, 60, worked for 32 years in the automaker. At the time of the accident, he was doing overtime in the sector Prensa - line A. The worker was found already unconscious, around 9am.

Despite the severity of the accident, the GM has not pressed the technical expertise nor the CIPA (ICAP - Internal Commission for Accident Prevention), contrary tothe rules of safety. 
The Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos is following the case.

GM has adopted a regular system of overtime to compensate for the layoffs occurred in recent months. With this practice the company reduces the cost of labor and increases productivity.

In 2009, the worker Constantino Aparecido died in accidents while performing at GM also overtime.

How can there be overtime with so many layoffs? The employee may be overloaded, under pressure and the company promoting the economy on the lives of workers.

Help promote this fact. GM puts profits above human life!

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